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How New Moms Can Benefit From Doing Pilates

Motherhood is an exciting and challenging time, leading to some of the most meaningful lifelong memories. As you navigate the trials and tribulations that are associated with raising a child, you may notice yourself experiencing physical and mental fatigue. When you’ve entered this stage, you may be wondering ‘what can I do to increase my energy levels?’

At this point, coffee, naps, and supplements simply aren’t doing the trick. Whether or not you’re running out of ideas to feel more energized, Pilates can help!

Benefits For New Moms Starting Pilates

Pilates not only strengthens your core, tones your abs, increases your flexibility, expands your range of motion, and protects your back, but also fights fatigue in the process - especially for new mothers.

In as little as 30 minutes per day, you could experience noticeable physical and mental benefits from Pilates. Not to mention, you’ll have a small piece of me time to look forward to each and every day.


What Other Moms Are Saying

Mothers new and old are reporting lessened levels of exhaustion as a direct result of their regular participation in Pilates. Additionally, reports indicate that Pilates can increase daily motivation, day-to-day satisfaction, and overall mood.

If you’re still not sure, consider requesting a complimentary consultation to determine if Pilates of San Diego could be right for you. Our studio has helped countless new moms just like you experience the full-suite of benefits associated with Pilates.

Sleep Benefits For Moms

In addition to the multitude of health benefits listed above, Pilates could significantly increase sleep quality for new mothers. During a time when sleep is scarce, increased sleep quality is incredibly important.

Regulating Hormones

During pregnancy, you may have noticed significant fluctuations in your feelings, resulting from hormone imbalances. Although this is completely normal, Pilates are an excellent way to restore the balance of your hormones. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is notoriously imbalanced during and after pregnancy, leading to food cravings, early ageing, and of course stress. Pilates return cortisol levels to normal, giving you a greater sense of control throughout your day.

Additionally, Pilates has been known to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, meaning a more stable-feeling body as well.


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