Pilates Heals

New Year, New You!

As we welcomed 2023, Pilates of San Diego instructors shared their intentions and goals for the New Year.

From inspiring others to making a change in their own lives, they are looking to bring something new and exciting into the year ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our dear instructors are looking to make a difference this year!

Paulette Madden

Make the most of every second.”

Kevin Durkin

Stay consistent and be honest with myself. Continue to be open to new experiences and find comfort in challenges.

Melissa Fife

More walks at the beach, working towards the Eldoa certification, and trying to take it day by day as I focus on the present moment.”

Hope Dunlap

Prioritize more fun in my life. Continue to learn and grow as a Pilates instructor.”

Jaque Lenhard

I want to hit my 45 days skiing goal ;)

Latoya McKelvin

Spread love and kindness. Dance more for fun.

Annie Campbell

Be in the moment.”

Bernie Sidney

I want to be able to accomplish my clients' goals.

Rachel Mentzel

Be more intentional with my resources – my time, my finances, my physical space, how I treat my body – and to live in a way that future me would be proud of.


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