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Latoya McKelvin - San Diego Interviews

Latoya Mckelvin is an internationally sought-after movement educator. Over the past 5 years, she has found a passion for sharing her love of movement and wellness with all age groups and levels. She is also a fully-certified Yoga instructor. We asked Latoya what Pilates and San Diego means to her.

Pilates of San Diego: What does Pilates mean to you?

Latoya: I love Pilates. Pilates is incredible because it is an entryway to fitness and wellness that is physically accessible to every body type. Meaning no matter where your fitness level is, from very beginner to pro athlete, you can feel the amazing effects of Pilates in your body.

Pilates of San Diego: What does San Diego mean to you?

Latoya: Coming from the east coast, the short winters, beautiful beaches, and hiking pretty much year-round is pretty perfect for me.


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