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Celebrate Pilates During March MATness

It’s that time of year again! March MATness is back and we can’t wait to celebrate Pilates on the mat with you all month long!

With many studios still closed or operating on a limited basis, March MATness is a fun way to re-commit to your daily Pilates practice while staying connected to the Pilates community online through social media. Created in 2013 by Pilates teacher, Benjamin Degenhardt, March MATness is meant to honor the work of Joseph Pilates by highlighting 1-2 exercises each day from Pilates’s original mat sequence. Since its inception, March MATness has grown into a worldwide movement spanning 20+ countries, with thousands (and counting) getting involved every year.

Participating in March MATness is very simple. While many Pilates enthusiasts around the world post a photo or video of themselves performing the assigned daily exercise(s) on their social media, participation can also include artwork, poetry, or other creative ways to showcase the work. The community is tied together through the hashtags used for each exercise, allowing others to see different users’ contributions to the movement. If you’d like ideas on how to participate, you can search the different #marchmatness hashtags below to see what others have submitted in previous years.

The March MATness schedule is the same every year and follows the original mat sequence Joseph Pilates lays out in his book, Return to Life Through Contrology. Follow along each day and jump in at any time!

March 1: The Hundred (#hundred)

March 2: The Roll Up (#rollup)

March 3: The Roll Over (#rollover)

March 4: The One Leg Circle (#onelegcircle)

March 5: Rolling Back (#rollingback)

March 6: The One Leg Stretch (#onelegstretch)

March 7: The Double Leg Stretch (#doublelegstretch)

March 8: The Spine Stretch (#spinestretch)

March 9: Rocker with Open Legs (#rockerwithopenlegs)

March 10: The Corkscrew (#corkscrew)

March 11: The Saw (#saw)

March 12: The Swan-Dive (#swandive)

March 13: The One Leg Kick (#onelegkick)

March 14: The Double Kick (#doublekick)

March 15: The Neck Pull (#neckpull)

March 16: The Scissors & Bicycle (#scissors and #bicycle)

March 17: The Shoulder Bridge (#shoulderbridge)

March 18: The Spine Twist (#spinetwist)

March 19: The Jack Knife (#jackknife)

March 20: The Side Kick (#sidekick)

March 21: The Teaser (#teaser)

March 22: The Hip Twist (#hiptwist)

March 23: Swimming (#swimming)

March 24: The Leg Pull Front & Back (#legpull)

March 25: The Side Kick Kneeling (#sidekickkneeling)

March 26: The Side Bend (#sidebend)

March 27: The Boomerang (#boomerang)

March 28: The Seal & Crab (#seal and #crab)

March 29: The Rocking (#rocking)

March 30: The Control Balance (#controlbalance)

March 31: The Push Up (#pushup)

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For more information about March MATness, go to www.marchmatness.com.


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