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Bringing in the new year with Pilates

Catch our founder Ania London on CBS8 as she delves into the rich history of Pilates of San Diego, outlines our diverse lesson offerings, and demonstrates the transformative power of Pilates live in the TV studio!

In an insightful segment on CBS8, Ania London, the founder of Pilates of San Diego, takes viewers on a journey through the studio's storied past, shedding light on our commitment to holistic well-being. Ania discusses the array of lessons available, emphasizing how Pilates is tailored for everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to those seeking rehabilitation or stress relief. The highlight of the segment features Ania skillfully cueing participants in the studio, showcasing the meticulous attention and personalized approach that Pilates of San Diego is renowned for. Don't miss this captivating showcase of passion, expertise, and the community spirit that Pilates of San Diego embodies!

You can watch the clip here: https://www.cbs8.com/video/news/local/mornings/509-79463b11-61d4-484b-ade5-c540412dd4f1

The owner of Pilates of San Diego, Ania London, and instructor Jamie Rojas joins CBS 8 on ways to stay fit with Pilates

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