Certifications include: Balance Body Intensive level 1/2, Kathy Corey‘s, West Coast Pilates the Ron Fletcher Technique, American Council of Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Sense Yoga fit Teacher Certification, Tim Miller Ashtanga Yoga Teacher certification, Oasis HealthSouth Sports medicine and Rehabilitation.

Specialties: physical therapy injury rehabilitation, all level mat classes, and advanced sports training. I am on a path of enhancing the wellbeing of others through the art of pilates. I have years of experience in committing to total body conditioning for all levels of fitness with a focus on proper form and comprehension. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 1989, pilates instructor since 2000 and yoga instructor since 2001.

You’re only as old as your spine, and I’m on a mission to support the utmost longevity of my clients.