Irene has always been interested in the mechanics of human movement and how they impact our health and well-being. As a kid, she played team sports and was a swimmer and an amateur gymnast; she later studied modern dance. 

After completing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree at SFSU, she moved to Los Angeles and started a career in Visual Arts. An injury in 2016 led her to physical therapy and her true calling: Pilates. 

Currently studying kinesiology and the brain-body connection to exercise and healing, Irene has trained with second-generation Pilates teachers Risa Sheppard and Rael Isacowitz. BASI-trained and classically certified she completed 500 hours of training in 2018. With her one-on-one clients and in her group classes, Irene encourages self-awareness and combines athleticism, mental focus, and dynamic stability.