Abby is a movement coach and Argentine Tango dancer. She studied at SDSU and acquired a Bachelor's of Science degree. In addition, she has certified education in anatomy, functional movement, and structural integration. When she discovered biomechanics and Pilates, she gained new awareness, which opened up new opportunities and expanded her horizons through meaningful connections with herself, to others, and to the world. Moreover, she’s dedicated to continue to learn and grow in her own personal movement journey, as well as continuing to improve as a dancer and movement coach. Abby wants to share her deep passion for movement with others; she believes that you can change your life and thoughts through intentional movement.

Abby is dedicated to assisting individuals in developing new movement patterns that not only enhance their physicality and alleviate discomfort but also foster a profound sense of well-being within their own bodies. With a passion for biomechanics, movement, and tango, she hopes to instill a fresh perspective on training, aiming to infuse her community with greater delight and enjoyment through pain-free movement. Her ultimate aspiration? To share these teachings on a broader scale, potentially on a global level in the future.