Since 1989, Federico has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence in corrective high-performance exercise kinesiology. He is thorough in his biomechanical approach and has worked with elite athletes, post-rehab patients, children, and the elderly. He instructs quality weight training techniques and corrects faulty movement patterns to improve muscular imbalances and postural alignment.

Federico also specializes in authentic Romana’s Pilates and yoga for the mind-body connection. He started Romana’s Pilates training in 1998. The Authentic Pilates Method fascinated Federico. He was certified in 2006, via Shari Mejia Santo, and Lori Coleman Brown. He continues his Pilates education workshops under Jerome Weinberg, Chris Robinson, Moses Urbano, and Jay Grimes. He uses Pilates to support/achieve his clients’/athletes’ sports performance, corrective exercise, rehabilitative and fitness needs and goals. Furthermore, he has a strong yoga background from training under Rodger Cole.

He also utilizes sports medicine for post-rehabilitation patients. He is a strength coach consultant for the Team Breckenridge Olympic Ski Program. Federico specializes in training programs for golf, tennis, volleyball, baseball, mountain biking, martial arts, dance, surfing and swimming, and triathlon preparation. Ocean fitness and surfing instruction are also among his many passions.

Federico has a vast competitive background including varsity golf and soccer, master's ski racing, 2nd-degree black-belt martial artist-Soo Bahk Do karate, in addition to nationally ranked masters surfer NSSA/ProAm surfing.

Federico has interned/assisted with many top professionals including Paul Chek, Mark Le Ponte, Kate Grace PT, Mike Levas PT, Andy Harrah PT, Dr. Chip Rowe, Dr. Blake Thompson, Dr. Valetta D.O., and world cup alpine racing coach John Leffler. He is continuing to study: Romana’s Pilates, yoga, martial arts, Mark Verstigan, Mike Boyle, Carlos Santana, Vern Gambetta, Gray Cook, Todd Durkin, Chuck Wolf, and Gary Gray’s work, ongoing.