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Alieen Hunt, instructor

 Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Aileen moved to San Diego in 2012. Always having a love for fitness she became interested in becoming an instructor after having surgery on both her feet. After six months of not being able to just walk for exercise, she started doing Pilates because of it’s low impact exercises. She noticed how her body transformed and felt like she was in better shape than before her surgery. Aileen finished teacher training in January 2019 and will be doing an additional apprenticeship training in the Summer of 2018 with Lolita’s Legacy program to deepen her practice in classical Pilates. She is passionate about helping others and teaching people about the benefit of the mind-body connection achieved through Pilates. When Aileen is not doing Pilates, she is very involved with the Junior League of San Diego as well as her church. She currently lives in Poway with her husband and her rescue pup, Woody.