Anyone who knows Jen knows she’s not a huge fan of the treadmill, or any sort of mindless movement.  She has always been easily bored when it comes to exercise, so after years of experimenting with many different fitness routines, she tried Pilates at the suggestion of some friends and has never looked back.  Finally, some meaningful and challenging movement that was fun and didn’t lead to injuries!

Originally from the corporate world, Jen was so happy with the Pilates method and her own transformation that she wanted to inspire others to experience the same benefits, and quickly became a passionate and dedicated student of Pilates in her spare time. She completed her comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification at the 500-hour level in 2011, and soon thereafter left her career as a Marketing Events Director and began teaching Pilates full time.  Jen continues to receive rigorous training from some of the best instructors in the industry, and is also certified at the national level by the Pilates Method Alliance.  Always looking for a way to kick things up a notch, she is also a certified Booty Barre instructor as well as a TRX instructor.

Jen considers Pilates to be a life long study, and is excited each day to improve her practice while helping others reach their ultimate potential.  We’re all works in progress!  She prides herself on making the most of her clients’ precious time:  give her an hour, and she’ll work your body from head to toe, sending you away feeling longer, leaner, taller, fitter — and sweaty!