Growing up a military brat and having moved all around the world, Annie recently relocated to San Diego and became enamored with the city. She played soccer for a decade and trained in various martial arts such as Muay Thai and Krav Maga for years, she was always trying new ways to push the limits. Having dipped her hands in everything from Yoga to Boxing, eventually, injury and broken bones lead her to search for a way to keep active while recovering. It’s no surprise when she found that Pilates did more than keep her active and healthy but also rehabilitated her injuries. Since then, she became determined to start her path to become a Stott trained Pilates instructor. Falling in love with the art of Pilates, it filled her with all the creativity her heart desires. With a passion for anatomy and respect for biomechanics, Annie is currently pursuing Kinesiology/pre-Physical Therapy degree. Her main goal is to help people work out smarter, not harder.

            Afflicted with wanderlust, Annie loves to travel and immerse herself in adventure. When she isn’t motion, her head is buried in countless books and her time is spent cuddling with her dogs and drinking Kona coffee.